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Old Maid is a traditional English card game. And now it is also very popular in many countries around the world. So what is Old Maid? How to play?. Today, 50JILI would like to share with you all about this game. As well as the most effective way to play Old Maid.

What is Old Maid?

What is Old Maid?
What is Old Maid?

What is Old Maid? Perhaps not all bettors understand. Old Maid Also known as potential o quan. This is a quite famous game in many countries. Old Maid Originates from England. Then it spread all over the world.

To play this game, players simply draw or fold cards until one of the players has only one odd card left. The person who owns this odd card will be the loser. This is also a game with extremely simple rules. And suitable for all ages.

How to Play Old Maid Game

How to Play Old Maid Game
How to Play Old Maid Game

Old Maid is a game that is quite popular around the world. However, not everyone knows how to play and clearly understands the rules of this game. Next, let’s learn together how to play Old Maid.

Basic rules of Old Maid

To play this game. The first thing you need to understand is to clearly understand the rules of the game. Below are some basic rules of this game that you should know.

  • Old Maud Table Tomb There will be at least two to 12 participants.
  • This game uses a deck of 52 cards, but the player will draw or add another card. Another card will be added or drawn. The player who owns this odd number will be the loser.
  • In this game, the Joker card will usually be placed on the A card or the Q will be drawn. The player can draw the card at the top of the deck. Then the cards are dealt, but in this case you will not be able to know which card has been drawn.

How to play the card Old Maid

Before playing a game of Old Maid you need to prepare the following actions before playing: Remove the queen from the deck. Then shuffle the cards together. And finally, deal the cards.

After receiving your dealt cards. Each player will choose pairs of cards and place the cards in the order of a standard deck of cards. First, each person will choose pairs of cards and place them in front of them under the condition that the other person cannot see the cards.

The opponent will draw 1 card and add it to their hand. If that card matches any pair of your cards, you will place that pair face down. And the winner is the one left with the Old Maid card.

Some Tips for Playing Old Maid and Always Winning

Some Tips for Playing Old Maid and Always Winning
Some Tips for Playing Old Maid and Always Winning

Just like other games. To become a winner. In addition to understanding the rules of the game and how to play. You also need to pocket some tips as follows.

  • Have the most comfortable playing mentality. This will help you be quick in all matters. Don’t let your opponent realize that you are holding the Old Maid card.
  • Focus on observing and calculating. Focusing on observing the face-up cards will help you calculate which cards are pairs and which are odd cards.


With our sharing above. Hope you understand what is Old Maid. As well as how to play and the rules of this game. Wishing you a happy experience at 50JILI.

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